The Mushroom Patch

Thursday, March 17, 2005

St. Patty's day!

Woohoo! Make sure you wear green, it's saint patty's day! *Don's leprechaun's hat*

Aye and what're you doin' here at the Mushroom patch, eh Lassie/Laddie? Oh so ya tell me ya want some mushrooms, eh? Aye there ya are, some lovely li'l shrooms for me friend! Oh ya want to know why I'm talkin' with an Irish accent, eh? Well me friend, today be Saint Patty's day, the day the whole o' jolly ol' Ireland celebrates! We put on our green, and punish them tha' don't. 'tis a charmin' li'l holiday, full o' leprechauns and fairies. Ya should visit ol' Ireland someday. I meself be not Irish, and not knowin' much o' de culture, wish to go there someday, we should go together! Wha's that ya say? Ya got schoolin', family and buisness? Well me friend. *Chuckle* Tha's the magic o' Ireland, ya don't need to worry 'bout those things, because I'm sure that once ya visit it, you'll never be wantin' to come back! *Laugh* And if we should catch de leprechaun king, well me friend, we'll just ask for de pot o' gold, and buy our own li'l bit o' earth there, and live forever more in the land o' jolly ol' Ireland!


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