The Mushroom Patch

Saturday, April 23, 2005

I know everything, just ask me!

That was one of the things my mother and I joked about today. We had fun! I went to work today, raking leaves and sticks and taking them in a weelbarrow to a burn pile. I feel like a piece of dough, pounded, whirled around and flattened. lol. Not quite that bad, but it sound good and silly, right? *Chuckle*

Anywoot, while mother and I where doing fence, we had a grand ol' time! Here're some of the things that we said.

"I know everything, just ask me."

"I'm so smart, and humble too!"

"I'm at the end of my electric fence!"

"You look like you're in more pain than a man who just straddled an electric fence!" "Or a barbed wire one" "OUCH!"

"Isn't Chelsea (My dog) cute?" "She's pretty" "She's pretty fat" "She's a pretty, fat dog." "Weel look at it this way, when she's fat there's so much more of her to love!"

"I have a tail! It's a tail of intrigue, suspense and mystery! Oh wait, wrong kind of tail." "Depends on how you spell it."

"We're the dinamic duo of fencing!"

"I was sent an email the other day. It went like this: May the fleas of a thousand camels infest the crotch of the person who screws up your day, and may their arms be too short to scratch!" "Oh, that's horrible!" "No it's funny!" "Amy" "Yes?" "You're weird"