The Mushroom Patch

Friday, November 10, 2006

What's this?

Slurpy: *GASP!* Can it be that the Hobbit is posting once more? This can't be! Didn't she drop off the face of this earth?

Squishy: I thought she did. She never writer anymore, and we're having to spend our time talking inside other people's heads. She doesn't even talk to me anymore.

Slurpy: I heard that Morris, over in the Department of Logic, talked to her just the other day. She said that she starting to downsize, and that there's been budget cuts.

Squishy: *Gasp* NO!

Slurpy: Mmmhhmmm. She said that the Department of Logic would be the first one to go, seeing as it is there's been a decline in performance over there in recent years. Poor Morris, he's being transferred to the Mathematics department.

Squishy: Oh dear, poor Morris! We both know what that means... He's never going to work again!

That's right, folks! I am afraid that I've finally had to shut down all traces of logic in my brain. Funding has run short these days, and the Mathematics Department will be next, you can count on it! All I can say is that the little guys working in the Department of Fantasy have nothing to worry about. Their futures are secured for as long as their boss lives. :D

I've done a bit more research on names, and come up with some very interesting things. Read closely...

Matt/Matthew Graubner

Book fanatic

Book fanatic

Book fanatic...

Boy, all these guys with the name Matt Graubner are really into books. Wait... It's the same person. Matt! Is your one true love literature? ;) It's the only information I can find about you. :D